Ze' Plumber's Maintenance Plan

If you are a millionaire then you can afford the high cost of maintaining your property.
It's our belief that when washing your hands, the left hand never gets ans cleaner that the right hand.  In other words, we need each other.  That's why Ze' Plumber is offering you an affordable plumber maintenance plan that will protect your home and property.
For the property investor, this means that you will have low or no maintenance issues.  For women who are heads of households, it means peace of mind and confidence that your home is well maintained.  For seniors, it means the maintenance for your home will not be an issue or a threat to your fixed income.
Ze' Plumber's Maintenance Plan
Ze' Plumber will repair or replace leaky faucets, p-traps, leaky toilets Free of Charge        Any repair(s) or replacement(s) not covered by contractual agreement. Maintenance Plan Members will be charged market rates ($125.00 per hour with a 20% discount) for any repair(s) or replacement(s) where Ze' Plumber must "take off or go into" any floor, wall or ceiling.
(Note: a 20% discount on labor and market rates will not increase for duration of contract).
Customer will be billed for all materials and parts used to complete the repairs and/or replacements.
The Ze' Plumber Maintenance Plan offers the following benefits:
  • Over 20 years experience!
  • No travel charges for parts!
  • Dependable, prompt, and professional service!
  • No service charges (Included in the plan)!
  • No time and a half charges for labor after 8 pm!
  • No double time charges for Sundays and holidays!
  • Each unit will be surveyed and inspected yearly!
  • Contract is transferable if the property is sold!
  • No Plumbing Repair Bill Shock, know your charges upfront!
  • Work done by or under the supervision of a licensed plumber!
  • Always know the current maintenance record of your properties!
  • Improved maintenance and value to your p0roperty, adding profit!
  • 20% off any Plumbing Repairs not included in the Plan, Some are Free!

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